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From modest beginnings in 2010, Exotic Gems has grown to a highly reputable dealership in Ceylon sapphires – brining the quality, range, presentation and high standard of customer service. You’ll find a breathtaking collection of exotic Ceylon sapphires in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to rare sapphiers. 

We are committed to bringing you the best and finest Gemstones from around the world.

Gemstones Buyers Guide

At Exotic Gems we sell a wide variety of jewellery adorned with beautiful gemstones. Gemstone jewellery makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, christenings or even milestone wedding anniversaries. Whether you believe in the spiritual aspects of gemstones or not, buying gemstone jewellery to reflect the recipient’s individual qualities is a personal and thoughtful gift to give.
Every month has its own gemstone which is said to be lucky for the people born in that month. There are many variations around the world, but in the following gemstone guide, you will find the ones most commonly used in the UK.

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As with all jewelry it should be resistant to every day heat, light, most common chemicals and general every day wear and activities.

Even so, you should not:
– Expose it to sudden temperature changes or extreme heat.
– Expose it to very harsh chemicals such as hydrochloric acid as it will corrode the piece.

It is also best to remove your jewelry before:
Bathing/showering or swimming
– Applying lotions or beauty products
– Washing up and doing other household cleaning/chores
– Gardening or other hard laborious actives
– Going to the gym or playing sports

As these increase the risk of harder knocks or bangs, scratching and exposing it to other chemicals that may dull or corrode the stones or metals.


Try to keep pieces separate from one another in jewelry storage pouches, stands or boxes, as rubbing up against each other will over time, cause your jewelry to become scratched or scuffed. Diamonds are the strongest mineral and will scratch other stones and metals.

Silver naturally tarnishes – don’t leave it sitting in your jewelry box, wear it! It becomes shinier the more it’s worn (the friction slows down the tarnishing). When you’re not wearing them, store them in anti-tarnish bags.

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